Stormproof windows will protect from Beast of the East!

There’s a storm on the way and according to the weather forecasters it’s going to be harsher than last years’s Beast of the East weather system.

It’s important to insulate your home against such weather conditions and ensure you’re not wasting money by leaking heat through your windows and doors.  Investing in good quality, highly efficient windows and doors is worth every penny – and stops yours floating out the window along with the nice warm air you’ve just heated!

What makes Lumi Windows so energy efficient?

1) Lumi windows have a double seal all the way around the window to keep heat in and the cold outside where it belongs.

2) The frames are fibreglass which is highly energy efficient as well as extremely robust and secure.

3) The decorative glass units are 80mm triple glazed as standard with a unique spacer bar system.

4) By using an approved Lumi dealer to install your windows you are ensuring your windows are expertly sealed.

For more information on Lumi windows and for your free, no obligation quotation, please email your house plans to

Act now before the Beast of the East returns!

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