Improving vs Moving!

With the current instability within the UK econonomy, more and more people are opting to play it safe by upgrading their current homes rather than moving or building a new house, with two out of five houseowners saying they would rather improve than move.

Logically, this decision makes sense, especially when you consider that UK planning laws have gradually been changing to allow for easier and more obtainable extentions and the considerable financial uncertainty from Brexit has left a lot of homeowners preparing for the worst. Upgrading your home can prove quicker, easier and most importantly, cheaper than starting a new project from scratch or moving to a larger property. It’s also much less daunting and can seem much more achievable.

Our Lumi2 range is perfectly suited for the replacement market. It offers our unique Lumi aesthetic in an affordable double glazed package that’s designed to be easy and convenient to install in existing properties or extensions, not to mention, we also offer a full suite of matching doors and sliders! Enquire with us today and find out how easy it can be to upgrade your home.

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