Glass Is Lumi’s Greatest Strength

Glass is very often viewed as a weak material, something easily broken and fragile, one impact away from shattering into a thousand pieces.

It is true that glass can be brittle when in its most basic forms; however, once you factor in toughening using the latest production methods, you end up with a material with all the advantages that come with glass without its main disadvantage, after all, glass is one of the longest lasting man made materials, it is corrosion resistant, non-reactive and waterproof.

This is one of the main advantages of the Lumi window system, not only does it look extraordinary but the all-glass external finish means that all the internal components are protected behind a shield of toughened safety glass, by maximizing the glass, we also maximize the benefits that come alongside it.

The revolutionary design of the Lumi system is more than just looks; it’s strong, durable and practical, a perfect match for any situation.

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