French Doors

When purchasing windows for your home, it’s easy to automatically assume that a slider is the best choice when it comes to large entrances, after all, people are most familiar with sliders. This doesn’t mean however, that there are no other options available.

The main contender for the dominance of sliding doors are french doors. French doors have numerous advantages over sliders. Although requiring more clearance to open, they require less space than sliders. They also offer a superior opening size compared to a slider allowing you to really open up your house in the warmer months and providing you with superior ventilation when you need it most. Lumi French doors feature our unique flush glazed aesthetic that is available nowhere else on the market. This also provides our french doors with our signature thermal efficiency, with U-Values as low as 0.88w/m2k, not to mention we’ve used some of the highest quality, long lasting products available on the market today.

Our Lumi Sales team are always a phone call away and whether you’re interested in french doors, sliders or windows, we will always be happy to help.

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