Energy efficiency that lasts.

A window that’s designed to last.

“By protecting all the elements that degrade inside the glazing, we were able to create a window that looks amazing and could survive our changeable, corrosive weather.”

Perfect for the damp climate of
the UK & Ireland.

Lumi is wall to wall glass. With no joints, no painted surfaces, no connected materials, there’s nothing to maintain, nothing to corrode and no external weak points. Everything structural is protected within the glazed exterior, making the Lumi window system perfect for the damp, cold climate of the UK and Ireland.


But the design doesn’t stop there.
On the inside, we’ve used some of the highest spec fittings we could find.


Fibre reinforced

The latest fibreglass reduces the weight of the overall window structure, while also providing exceptional strength. This extra rigidity makes Lumi perfect for a larger than average window.


Triple cell glazing

Every Lumi window contains 50mm of
triple glazing.



The surrounding structure is packed with high density closed cell insulation. This gives Lumi extra strength and makes it extremely energy efficient.


Super Spacers

These strips of insulation are positioned between every pane of glass and help stop heat transfer.


Super Tough Glass

All three layers of Lumi are made from toughened safety glass as standard.


Aluminum corner cleat

The corner joints are bonded and reinforced with aluminium forming an exceptionally strong joint


Outer seal

Aesthetics are important to Lumi. We’ve found a way to keep the all-important outer seal while keeping it flush with the gasket.


Stainless steel furniture

All extra window furniture is made from stainless steel. Every element is either custom made by the Lumi team in the UK or sourced from the very finest German suppliers.


High Tolerance Hinge

All Lumi hinges are extra strong and extra durable.

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