Add Some Coloro to Your House

Everybody wants a door that looks good and makes a statement, however it’s becoming harder and harder to find doors that are truly unique and that go the extra mile towards providing you with a breathtaking design and a product completely different than any other on the market.

In a market dominated by composite doors, we opted to try something different. Using a 70mm fibreglass core with an all glass finish, we were able to create a double rebated door that captivates the essence of Lumi perfectly, creating a door that looks stunning and fits perfectly with our Lumi windows and adding to any modern house. Our use of the latest fibreglass and toughened safety glass results in a product that is unparalleled in energy efficiency and security, while still being the talk of the neighbourhood.

If you’re looking for a door with no compromises in looks, security or efficiency, then a Lumi Coloro door is a natural choice.

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